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A Few Selected Articles by Jeff Barnett (some published, some not)

Artificial Intelligence

J.A. Barnett and M.I. Bernstein (1977) Knowledge-Based Systems: A Tutorial, NTIS ADA044883.

J.A. Barnett (1985) An AIer's Lament, The AI Magazine, Summer, pp 54-56.

J.A, Barnett (2003) Artificial Intelligence: An Overview.

Uncertain Reasoning

J.A. Barnett (1991) Calculating Dempster-Shafer Plausibility, IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence 13(6), pp 599-602.

J.A. Barnett (1981) Computational Methods for a Mathematical Theory of Evidence, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence pp. 868-875. Also in Selected Papers on Sensor and Data Fusion, F. A. Sadjadi Editor, SPIE Milestone Series Vol. MS123, pp. 317-324 (1996). Also in Classic Works of the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Belief Functions, R. Yager and L. Liu Editors, Springer, pp 197-216 (2008).

H.R. Keshavan, J.A. Barnett, D. Geiger, and T. Verma  (1993) Probabilistic Reasoning, Introduction to Special Issue, IEEE Pattern  Analysis & Machine Intelligence 15(3), pp 193-195.


J.A. Barnett (1991) Combining Opinions about the Order of Rule Execution, Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AQAAI-91), pp 477-481.

D. Geiger and J.A. Barnett (1991) Optimal Satisficing Tree Searches, Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AQAAI-91), pp 441-445.

J.A. Barnett (1995) Continuous Gold Mining.

J.A. Barnett (1984) How Much Is Control Knowledge Worth? A Primitive Example, Artificial Intelligence 22 pp 77-89, Elsevier Science Publishers B. V. (North-Holland).

J.A. Barnett and D. Cohen (1983) A Wrinkle on Satisficing Search Problems, Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp 774-776.

J.A. Barnett (1982) Some issues of Control in Expert Systems, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Society, pp 1-5.

Speech Understanding Systems

J.A. Barnett (1974) A Phonological Rules Compiler, Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Speech Recognition, pp 188-192.

J.A. Barnett (1973) A Vocal Data Management System, IEEE Transactions on Audio and Electroacoustics AU-21(3), pp 185-188.

A. Newell, J.A. Barnett, J.W. Forgie, C. Green, D. Klatt, J.C.R. Licklider, J. Munson, D.R. Reddy, and W.A. Woods (1973)  Speech Understanding Systems: Final Report of a Study Group, Published for Artificial Intelligence by North-Holland/American Elsevier.

Systems, Hacking, and Miscellaneous

J.A. Barnett and A.S. Cooperband (1983) Priority is a Limited Property, Operating Systems Review 17(3).

J.A. Barnett (1979) Garbage Collection Versus Swapping, Operating Systems Review 13(3), pp 12-17.

J.A. Barnett (1974) Module Linkage and Communications in Large Systems, Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Speech Recognition. Also in IEEE Symposium on Speech Recognition: Invited Papers, (ed) D.R. Reddy, Academic Press (1975).

J.A. Barnett (1999) Trie Structures.

J.A. Barnett (2014) Review of  "Design Museum Fifty Typefaces That Changed The World, 2013, Alison Starling Publisher", in TUGBOAT, The communication of the TeX Users Group 35(2), pp 223-224.

P.W. Abrahams, J.A. Barnett, E. Book, D. Firth, S.L. Kameny, C. Weissman, L. Hawkinson, M.I. Levin, and R.A. Saunders (1966) The Lisp2 Programming Language and System, Proceedings of Fall Joint Computer Conference, AFIPS, pp 661-676.

Power Aware Computing

J.A. Barnett (2005) Dynamic Task-Level Voltage Scheduling Optimizations,  IEEE Transactions on Computers 54(5), pp 508-520.

J.A. Barnett (2003) Energy Efficient Redundancy.

J.A. Barnett (2002) Application-Level Power Awareness, B. Melham and R. Graybill (eds.) Power Aware Computing, Kluwer.

Process and Workflow

J.A. Barnett and S.P. Smith (1992) An Architecture for Integrating Enterprise Automation, in Artificial Intelligence Applications in Manufacturing, (eds.) Famili, Kim, and Nau. AAAI/MIT Press, pp 327-347.

J.A. Barnett (1990) A System Engineering Approach to Automated Assembly Planning, Proceedings International Conference on System Engineering, pp 387-390.

J.A. Barnett, D.E. Cass, and W.E. Betts (1990) An Architecture for Concurrency Control, AAAI-90 Workshop Concurrent Design, Boston.

Reliability Analysis

J.A. Barnett (1994) Reliability Analysis: System Models, Proceedings AAAI Spring Symposium on Detecting and Resolving Errors in Manufacturing Systems, pp 12-16.

J.A. Barnett and T. Verma (1994) Intelligent Reliability Analysis, Proceedings Tenth IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications.

Math Hacking

R. Alter and J.A. Barnett (1980) A Postage Stamp Problem, The American Mathematics Monthly 87(3), pp 206-210.

R. Alter and J.A. Barnett (1977) Remarks on the Postage Stamp Problem with Applications to Computers,  8th Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing, pp 43-59.

J.A. Barnett (2008) Distributed Computations.

J.A. Barnett (1988) Meaningful Functions.

J.A. Barnett (1993) Dizzy Ants.

J.A. Barnett (2007) Counting Balanced Tree Shapes.(See also A110316 A131889 A131890  A131891   A131892 A131893)

foundations (with a little "f")

J.A. Barnett (2004) The Non-Negative Integers.

J.A. Barnett (2022) Limitation Theorems for Boolean Machines.


J.A. Barnett (1993) The Number of Almost Linear Sequences, American Mathematics Monthly Problem Section. Solution in 1996 Monthly.

J.A. Barnett (2002) Inequalities.

J.A Barnett (1982) Monotonic Set Functions.

J.A. Barnett (1989) Permutation Strings.

J.A. Barnett and P. Gonzalez (1987) Another Least Squares Problem.


J.A. Barnett (2004) Preference Relations.

J.A. Barnett (2021) Calibrated Critics.

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