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A Few Selected Articles by Jeff Barnett

Uncertain Reasoning

Calculating Dempster-Shafer Plausibility.

Computational methods for a mathematical theory of evidence.


Combining opinions about the order of rule execution.

Optimal satisficing tree searches.

Continuous Gold Mining.

How much is control knowledge worth? A primitive example.

A wrinkle on satisficing search.

Some issues of control in expert systems.


A phonological rule compiler.

A vocal data management system. 

Speech-understanding systems: final report of a study group. 

Artificial Intelligence

An AIer's lament.

Preference relations. 

Calibrated Critics  

Reliability Analysis

Reliability analysis: system models.

Intelligent reliability analysis.

Process and Workflow

An architecture for integrating enterprise automation.

A system engineering approach to automated assembly planning.

Systems, Hacking and Miscellaneous

Priority is a limited property.

Garbage collection versus swapping.

Module linkage and communications in large systems.

Trie structures. 

Dynamic Task-Level Voltage Scheduling Optimizations 

Review of Fifty Typefaces That Changed the World

Math Hacking

A postage stamp problem.

Remarks on the postage stamp problem with applications to computers.

Distributed computation.

Meaningful functions.

Another least squares problem.

Monotone set functions.

Permutation strings.

Dizzy Ants.  

Counting Balanced Tree Shapes (See also A110316 A131889 A131890  A131891   A131892 A131893

The Non_negative Integers

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Jeff Barnett